Web Design

VR experience


24 Weeks

Chanelle Miller



Momento 360


Innosense is a thesis project exploring dreams inspired by the children who've lived through traumatic events. Children who suffer severe traumas often have dreams that are very long and extremely vivid. Innosense, brings you through an immersive experience influenced by dream diary excerpts from people who experienced trauma in their childhood.



Being fascinated with the mystery of dreams since a child, I wanted to find a way to best visually illustrate children’s dreams for the general public by taking direct elements from children’s reveries found in my research and compiling them into a panoramic collage.

As represented in my research report, traumatic events are a common cause of bad dreams among children. Evidence shows that children who weren’t surrounded by distressing environments in comparison to children affected by harrowing occurrences, are more likely to have less friendly encounters in their dreams.

A study was done on children living through the war in Palestine and Israel and compared kids living in safer parts of Israel and children living in the West Bank.  Researches tested The Threat Simulation Theory where threat associated signals are triggered during a dream particularly after a threatening event occurs, and it was proven to be active amongst most kids who were questioned. The study shows that 30% of the non-traumatized group of children had said they’ve never experienced threatening events in their dreams while 90% of children living in the West Bank and Israel said to have dreams with much hostility leading to injuries and death. In addition, according to ‘The American Journal of Psychology’ by James Ralph Jewell, patterns of frightful images were found in nightmares among children in stress induced environments. 

Project Goals

With a background and passion for web design and storytelling I challenged myself in learning to create a fully branded experience that can be seen in VR or at the Kofler Gallery.

For the purpose of the project, it was important for myself to visualize where the project may be viewed. The Kofler Gallery seemed fitting as they support contemporary projects created by local designers.



To create a new brand for innosense that will take place at the Kofler Gallery and online.

To develop an immersive VR experience for users online.

To develop and design a website to showcase and advertise innosense.

Create poetic content that ties in all imagery and assets.



The branding revolved around the core message of this project which is children’s innocence being torn away. I also used a collage method for the VR experience. Collage design can be very effective because it ties in the theme that our dreams are a collection or our memories. 

The logo is supposed to be symbolic of a child's youth experiencing trauma and how they come to see their realities becoming darker and darker.


Branding Colours 

The branding colours are supposed to be reminiscent of our youth and have a happier tone.


The typography was inspired by children's stories and activities like arts and crafts.





VR Experience

The purpose of using VR is to take users away and bring them into a journey about dreams and trauma. The imagery is inspired by dream excerpts from the research. I also began this process with writing poetic content to help the user better understand the dreams.


Some of the major challenges I experienced during this process is how might I integrate this experience into a real gallery without the use of photography and setting this up live.

I also encountered many technical challenges and experimented with a few platforms such as webflow and other VR tools to provide the most immersive experience for users.


By making a 360 image collage using photoshop, Momento 360 allowed me to turn my 180 images into a 360 VR experience. I was also able to embed the VR experience on any website.


I believe that while following this topic, it's important to reflect back to your research in grasping a better understanding of your topic which allows the process of branding to become much easier and more authentic. 

On a final note, through this process I've learned the importance of creating empathy. With no empathy, then there is no art and meaning. I really hope that this project will touch some users and make them reflect about their own dreams during the times of their experience.