Innosense is a thesis project exploring dreams inspired by the children who've lived through traumatic events.





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24 Weeks




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Innosense is a thesis project exploring dreams inspired by the children who've lived through traumatic events. Children who suffer severe traumas often have dreams that are lengthy and exponentially vivid. Innosense, brings you through an immersive experience influenced by dream diary excerpts from people who've experienced trauma in their childhood.

Being fascinated with the mystery of dreams since I was child, I wanted to find a way to best visually illustrate children's dreams for the general public by taking direct elements from children's reveries found in my research compiling them in a panoramic collage.


Chanelle Miller


As represented in my research report, traumatic events are a common cause of bad dreams among children. Evidence shows that children who weren’t surrounded by distressing environments in comparison to children affected by harrowing occurrences, are more likely to have less friendly encounters in their dreams.


The branding revolved around the core message of this project which is children’s innocence being torn away. I used a collage method for the VR experience. Collage design can be very effective because it ties in the theme that our dreams are a collection or our memories. 

Typography & Colours


The typography was inspired by children's story books and arts & crafts. The colours are reflective of happier youthful days and sentimentality.

Acrylic Hand Thick

Accent Type for Display 

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Body Copy for Display

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Website Headings & Body Copy

Primary Colour


RGB 186, 191, 224

CMYK 25, 21, 0, 0

Primary Colour


RGB 246, 161, 151

CMYK 1, 44, 57, 0

Secondary Colour


RGB 0, 0, 0

CMYK 75, 68, 67, 90

Secondary Colour


RGB 255, 255, 255

CMYK 0, 0, 0

Logo & Ideation


The logo is personal, nostalgic, flexible and is a mystery asset to the experience. The viewers may interpret the logo in their own respective way as it is meant to be shaped into the viewer's own experiences with their personal encounters of childhood dreams and trauma.


Web Design


Due to the circumstances of the pandemic, I created an online experience for users to view Innosense through their computer or VR glasses instead of having to physically be inside the Kofler Gallery.

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